Extendable Long-Arm iPad Enclosure Kiosk (for iPad 2/3/4/Air)

Desk-mounted Enclosures

The Extendable Long-Arm iPad Enclosure Kiosk is one seamless solution that integrates iPad enclosure kiosk and iPad security system in perfect unison, creating a new level of counter-top iPad kiosk that is better than any enclosure kiosk available in the market.


The extendable arm allows you to meet a wide range of viewing preferences. The arm is highly adjustable; it gives flexibility to user to tilt, swivel, extend or retract the iPad kiosk smoothly as how they prefer to view the screen.

More importantly, the iPad display can be shared amongst a few users within the arm’s reach. Thus, this extendable long-arm iPad enclosure kiosk is the perfect option to for implementations at school labs, healthcare industry, kitchens, garages, corporate offices, retails and VIP lounge or point of sale environments.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to use this extendable iPad kiosk for your multi-screen work stations, it would be highly recommended as well. Imagine having ergonomic design of display screen that can be moved about: being extended when user is active on iPad, half-extended when user is merely viewing on iPad, or all the way retracted when user is not using it at all.

Last but not least, this long-arm iPad enclosure kiosk also comes with full cable management system, allowing you to hide cables including security cable lock and iPad charger neatly inside the arm.

Available colours: Black/Silver/White



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