Enclosure Free Universal Tablet Holder

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Made of high grade aluminum with a sleek black finish, this universal, enclosure free tablet holder is compatible with all leading tablets (7 inches or more of the top brands, including iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablets and other various Android tablets.

Enclosure Free Universal Tablet Holder Enclosure Free Universal Tablet Holder Enclosure Free Universal Tablet Holder Enclosure Free Universal Tablet Holder Enclosure Free Universal Tablet Holder

Unlike most tablet stands, this tablet holder is positioned at a 45 degree angle for optimal viewing and has an open back design for locking and security cable. Incorporating a patented balance stabilizer, the tablet stand itself also serves as a cable trap to secure your cords.

With options of security plate using either 3M Industrial Adhesive Tape or High Grade Super Glue, you can flexibly choose which suits your business need best. 3M Tape offers a perfect balance between security and aesthetic as it won’t damage the device nor will it leave behind any residue. The Super Glue option, on the other hand, gives you a more permanent solution because it will be difficult to remove once it sets.

Being lightweight, but still extremely durable, this universal tablet holder can withstand any attempts to temper or detach it from its secured position. Therefore, this tablet stand is an ideal fit for any display setting—retail stores, corporate offices, school labs, VIP lounges or even as a small addition to your personal home entertainment system.

Available colours: Black / White



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