Enclosure Free Kindle Tablet Holder

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Providing you with a clean and simple way to securely display your iPad or tablet, this universal, enclosure free Kindle tablet lockable stand can be used to secure your iPad, other Tablets or Smartphones

Enclosure Free Kindle Tablet Holder Enclosure Free Kindle Tablet Holder Enclosure Free Kindle Tablet Holder

Adopting the best design features of some of top-selling iPad stands and Galaxy Tab locks, this two part system comprises of an adhesive steel plate that connects to the back of the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Android tablet or Smartphone, and a six inch high stand sloped at 60 degree angle for an optimal viewing angle.

Available in silver colour, the high stand itself has a four inch base that can be screwed tightly over a flat display surface and an integrated keyed cylinder lock used to latch on to the adhesive steel plate on the back of the display device. All in all, these two security measures allow this tablet holderto maintain its stability when securely holding the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Android tablet or Smartphone attached.

Last but not least, as an added security measure, you can also install a cable lock which will allow the iPad or tablets to be flexibly detached and moved about as close as possible from the stand. For this Kindle tablet stand, if there is no solid point available to look the cable around, you can get an additional anchor point to help you secure the cable lock.

Available colour: Silver



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