RDM Image Qualifier X97-OCR

RDM Image Qualifier X97-OCR (IQX97-OCR) is a cheque Image Readiness testing system that includes a calibrated tabletop scanner and Windows®-based software. RDM’s Image Qualifiers are installed in major financial institutions, printers, and equipment vendors in over 35 countries. It is the industry standard for validating image quality of cheques against ANSI standards.


The IQX97-OCR tests cheque background designs and identifies problems in any of the five areas of interest (date, payee, legal, printed signature, and Convenience Amount Rectangle /CAR fields). It verifies legibility and quality of the cheque background, OCR print and the printability of image files. RDM’s Image Qualifier has automatic features to measure reflectance and contrast values of paper cheques to determine if they meet ANSI’s (American National Standards Institute) X9.7 requirements. It measures all reflectance values by automatically taking samples from a scanned document image.



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