Cheque Processing Machines

A wide range of cheque processing machines seamlessly integrated with the banking system to improve efficiency and effectiveness of high volume cheque processing.

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TellerScan TS240

Heavy Duty and Highly Reliable Cheque ...


RDM SYNERGY II is a powerful, All-in-One, feature-rich, ...

RDM MICR Qualifier GTX

Quality Control | Reject Reduction | ...

RDM Image Qualifier X97-OCR

RDM Image Qualifier X97-OCR (IQX97-OCR) is a cheque Image ...

FZA-2155 (BP63)

he FZA-2155 is a mid to high volume impact cheque printer ...

Fuji FZ-1181

High Speed MICR Encoder with Auto-Hopper

Fuji FZ-1027

Low Cost MICR Encoder

Fuji FB-30

Very Compact Cheque Scanner

Fuji FB-20

The fastest portable cheque image scanners


With the FB-70 SM, your staff can scan their customer’s ...

CheXpress CX30

Low Cost and Portable Remote Deposit ...


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