With the FB-70 SM, your staff can scan their customer’s important documents and deposit cheques without leaving their desks.

The FB 70 is different to other cheque scanners with dual functionality as a cheque scanner and a document scanner. Ideal for financial institutions, FB 70 assist customer service officers with more than just document scanning. The FB 70 eliminates redundant steps of scanning and depositing documents with its 2 in 1 scanning and cheque deposit capability. The compact and reliable desktop scanner allows the user to process documents with a minimum in time and effort with advanced features including:

  • Built-in 600 dpi high resolution, professional CCD optical scanning technology
  • Large-capacity, maintenance-free, auto-paper feeding 50 sheets assembly
  • High scanning speed of 35 single sided or 70 double sided sheets per minute
  • USB 2.0 data interface
  • MICR code line reading
  • Rear side cheque endorsing


This A4 scanner is the basic component of this system. This high speed and high performance easy to use scanner allows the double sided colour scanning of all types of documents up to A4 duplex pages.


This Base integrates an MICR (E13B or CMC7) magnetic read head and a one line IJP rear endorser. This allows the reading and endorsing of customer cheques.


Just deposit your FB-70S scanner on the Base FB-70M and connect the 2 interconnection cables and you convert your FB-70S scanner to an FB-70SM


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