Boxed Samsung Galaxy Enclosure Kiosk with Swing-Arm Wall Mount(for Galaxy Note 10.1)

This Samsung Galaxy Tablet Enclosure Kiosk is a combination of a boxed-up tablet enclosure kiosk and a flexible wall-mounted support. This tablet enclosure kiosk does not only protect your Samsung Galaxy tablets from unwanted scratches or indentation, but it is also able to rotate in 90 degree angle, enabling you to display the iPad in landscape or portrait display orientation. Additionally, what’s so special about this Galaxy enclosure is that the high-quality aluminum frame provides complete enclosure at all sides of the tablet, giving a fully tamper-proof solution to secure your Samsung Galaxy.


Its swing–arm, capable to extent up to 27 cm out, also allows smooth adjustment of the Galaxy enclosure. Featuring a tension screw that facilitates precise fluid or locked movement, this Galaxy wall mount allows you to tilt, pan or swing the display for unlimited viewing options; or to simply lock it into position. Thus, this tablet enclosure kiosk is the perfect solution for corners, bar counter or under cabinet setups, or simply anywhere display versatility is required. This Samsung Galaxy enclosure is excellent for implementations at education sectors, healthcare industry, corporate offices, retails and VIP lounge or point of sale environments.

Despite covering all its sides, this wall-mounted tablet enclosure gives a small opening for charging on wall mount.And just like, any other tablet enclosures we offer, this Galaxy enclosure kiosk does not interfere with the tablet’s capability to communicate with external networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G.

Available colours: Black Enclosure Black Arm/Silver Enclosure White Arm



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