DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector


DORS 1000 М3 is specifically designed for visual infrared authenticity control of banknotes and security documents.

This third generation of DORS 1000 series infrared detector has been designed as an affordable tools to a wide range of consumers and widely used at counter staff’s desks all over the world.

DORS 1000M3 is suitable for:

Retail enterprises
Service companies
Petrol stations
Car dealerships
Public transport
Ticket offices, etc.

DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector DORS 1000M3 - Infrared Detector

{tab Features}

DORS 1000 M3 counterfeit detector comes with sophisticated features, including but is not limited to the following:

Types of Control

DORS 1000 M3 is equipped with Infrared control of presence, allocation, printing method, and quality of fragments printed with IR metameric inks.

LCD Screen

DORS 1000 M3 comes with LCD monitor screen to display full IR-image of the banknote.With wide view angle and high gloss, the LCD screen allows User to easily study the small and soft images of the banknotes.

Modern Design

DORS 1000 М3 features compact and stable design which is similar to a tablet computer. It can be placed conveniently on any cash unit. DORS 1000 M3 is available in two colour variants — black and grey.

{tab Specifications}

Display   LCD monitor 4.3” (11cm)
Upper lighting   IR (940nm)
Types of control Infrared control +
Power supply   100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   Exceeding 2.5W
Dimensions (W x D x H)   112 x 71 x 174 mm3
Weight   0.3 kg
Manufacture   DORS Industries (China) LTD

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