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Enterprise Customer Experience Solution

Create outstanding customer experience through a pleasant and seamless customer journey at multiple touch points from the point-of-entry to the point-of exit.

Customer experience at the premise is one of the primary influences that initiate customers to build relationship with a business and trigger their purchase decisions. Customers demand to be served quickly ; they want you to value their time and live up to their expectation of what an excellent service should have been.
An unorganized customer flow might cause queue congestion and longer waiting times, which could lead to low customer satisfaction, poor brand image, and walk-offs.

An Improved Customer Service Experience

More than a queue management solution, SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions is designed and developed to enable an analytic-driven service improvement.

Not only it provides better control of customer flow that enables a streamlined queues and reduced waiting time, this Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions also generates com
prehensive reporting to allow management to make a more efficient and effective decisions and planning.

SMARTQUEUE® enables efficient customer management, featuring:
- Non-linear queue system that allows customer to sit in the waiting area 
- Flexible customer flow management and control 
- Accessible monitoring of front-office situation from the back-office
- Comprehensive reporting for easy analysis of areas of improvements

The Main Features of Our Enterprise Customer Experience Solution

queue management

Ticketing Kiosk

Allow your customers to check-in to the service queue independently.
SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions comes with a ticketing kiosk designed to identify customer and print queue ticket. It features user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows customer to select a service options on a touch-screen display easily.
queue management


Give a personalised touch and assistance for customers with special needs
SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions provides concierge solution as a complimentary to the ticketing kiosk. The mobile staff has the capability to check-in customer as well as serve customers on-the-spot.

queue management

Virtual Caller

Manage queue effectively with a customer caller

SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions equips staffs with web-based customer-calling module known as the “Virtual Caller” which allows staff to call, recall, and transfer customer.

queue management

Multimedia Display

Keep your customer well-informed and entertained while waiting for their turn
SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions incorporates multimedia display used to display queue information. It can also be used as a digital signage to show advertisement, events and/or announcements for customers.
queue management

Dashboard Monitoring

An oversee tool for the management to monitor situation at the front-office.
SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions also provides Dashboard Monitoring to display current situation at the front-office, including notification based on SLA. It assists back office management to make quick necessary interference whenever necessary, ensuring no missing customers.
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Centralised Reporting

Enable a data-driven analysis to design a more effective corporate planning
SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions comes with a reporting tool that consists of real time statistics and comprehensive KPI reports, to help the management in decision making and customer service experience improvements.

The Additional Features of Our Enterprise Customer Experience Solution

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SMS Notifications

Show your customer that you appreciate their time
SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions has the capability to send SMS notifications to your customer when their turn is almost due, allowing customers to run errands or window shopping elsewhere, without worries of missing their turn.
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Report Email Scheduler

Import and export report data periodically
SMARTQUEUE® report email scheduler automatically imports and exports data based on schedule. By eliminating manual data search, this automatic revport scheduling improves efficiency of your business operation.
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Customer Feedback Solutions

Make effective improvement plan based on real survey data
SMARTQUEUE® comes with SMARTSURVEYS™, a revolutionary customer feedback solution designed to enable the management to make strategic planning regarding the improvement of customer experience based on analytical data.
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Appointment Booking System

Increase efficiency of time management by allowing customer to book an appointment
The appointment booking system allows customers to reserve service and staff based on their preferences. On the other hand, management can improve resource management by allocating staff to serve particular customer with special needs for better customer experience.

The Key Benefits of Our Enterprise Customer Experience Solution

queue management
Streamlined customer flow at premise
queue management
Ensured high customer satisfaction
queue management
Leveraged cross-selling opportunities with digital advertising
queue management
Measurable service performance using KPIs
queue management
Easier identification of areas of improvement with centralized reporting
queue management
Enhanced corporate image with improved customer experience

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