Swan-necked Samsung Galaxy Enclosure Kiosk (for Galaxy Tab 3 7.8/8.0)


Elegantly designed, this Samsung Galaxy tablet enclosure kiosk features sleek, white, swan-necked sloping stand allowing you to introduce a level of class to any setups.

With capability to rotate in 90 degree angle and angled at 60 degrees, this tablet stand provides optimal viewing while sitting securely at 35 cm above counter-top. In addition, it’s clear wiring or cable management along with double security mechanism - bolted base and lockable enclosure - this swan-necked Galaxy enclosure provides you with a highly secured, clean and neat station that is welcoming to all our customers.

Providing an optimal display experience with 60 degree viewing angle, this Samsung Galaxy enclosure is designed to give you full security with flexible access to front and rear camera, charging port and audio port.

Available colours: White




  • Compatible with Galaxy Tab 3 7.0/8.0
  • *Optional white cable lock
  • *Optional additional anchor point


  • Swan-necked mount (White)
  • 18cm width base

*Subject to additional charges.