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Maverick Ribbon - MICR I, II, VI, VII (6 Pack)

SKU: Maverick Ribbon MICR I, II, VI, VII (6 Pack)


MICR I, II, VI, VII (6 Pack)

Item #: 180-49185-1

Cassette - 500 feet

Fits the Following Machines: Maverick: Maverick MICR I, II, VI, and VII series encoders: Models M1XX series, M2XX series, M6XX series, and M7XX series MICR encoders. Maverick pioneered quick-change MICR ribbon cartridges over 20 years ago. Although there are clones of Maverick MICR ribbons on the market today, it is not enough just to stuff MICR film in a look-alike cartridge and expect the same print quality, cartridge performance, or product life. Maverick MICR ribbons have been engineered to perform specifically with Maverick Encoders. They have been designed with specialized MICR ink formula and internal mechanisms that allow Maverick to provide you with a 100% MICR guarantee.

NOTE: The replacement white print hammers for legacy M1xx & M2xx series encoders, no longer come with these ribbons.