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Be it for commercial display, advertising, classroom learning, customer service or day-to-day work tools, tablet computers - or simply tablets - are becoming more and more popular in today’s businesses. For the purposes of corporate image, customer convenience, improved productivity and effective communications, the use of tablets in a corporate environment is becoming a booming trend.

With such an increasing demand for tablets, there also comes the need for providing secure and innovative ways of setting up tablets for both staff and public access. BSS therefore presents you with the best tablet security solution available in the market. Our products include:

With a full range of iPad Mounts and Tablet Mounts, we offer you the flexibility to choose preferences that will best suit your business needs in the most ergonomic and secure manner possible For example, you may decide that the desk mounted option for your iPad, Galaxy or other tablets best suits your business needs. Or you might decide that our POS stands best achieves this purpose, which range from – iPad kiosk, tablet kiosk, mobile concierge kiosk, free standing or desk-mounted kiosks, wall-mounted kiosk or pole-mounted kiosks.

Choosing the right tablet enclosure

You may be asking,but how can I decide which type of iPad or tablet holders, enclosures and/or stands I need for my business? Well, here are our steps to guide you:

What tablet brand are you using?

Are you using Apple’s iPad? Or are you using other tablets such as Samsung Galaxy tab or other Android tablet?

Do you want your tablets enclosed?

If yes, it is best that you go for iPad Enclosures, Samsung Galaxy Enclosuresor Other Tablet Enclosures. If not, then the best option for you will be Enclosure - free iPad Holders, Samsung Galaxy Holders or Other Tablet Holders.

To see the full range of holders or enclosures we’d have to offer, click on any relevant link below:

What kind of stands do you prefer for your tablets?

If you’ve chosen to have enclosures for your tablets, you may also want to select the type of stands you’d like to mount your tablets on. There are usually three types of stands: desk mounts, wall mounts and floor stands. Desk mounts or counter-top stands can usually be secured on any flat surface including tables and walls.

Click on any relevant link below to see the options we provide:

For your convenience, we also have a wide range of accessories available that you may decide to use along with your chosen tablet security solution.


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icon Tablet Security Solutions Brochure