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MICR Cheque Reader, Sorter and Image Scanner (FZA-3165/ FZA-3166)

Our range of high speed document and cheque processing machines enable customers to choose the exact configuration they need for their application. It integrates the most up-to-date image capture technology by using front/rear CCD cameras, a back endorser that allows you to print any bitmap image, a large sorting capacity through the use of up to 36 sorting pockets and an extremely high processing speed of up to 270 DPM.

Glori FZA3165 FZA3166 Cheque Reader Sorter

FZA3165 - FZA3166 Cheque Reader-Sorter

FZA-3165 / FZA-3166

MICR Reader with Image Scanner

This unit features a document feeder (auto feeder/auto hopper) with a capacity of 500 documents, an ultrasound double detector, a high performance MICR reader, IJP rear endorser and front/rear CCD Image cameras.
* FZA-3165 --- without Rear endorser
* FZA-3166 --- with Rear endorser

Glori FZA 2070


MICR Encoding Module
This unit is the option for the E13B MICR encoding with a speed of up to 60 DPM.


Glori FZA 3066

Sorting Pocket Module
This unit can be equipped with 3 modules of 12 sorting pockets (up to 36 pockets).


FZA-3165 / 3-166 (MICR Reader, Endorser and Image Scanner)

Document Feeder Capacity: 500 documents (0.116mm documents)
MICR Reader Font: E13B or CMC7
Reading speed : 1,269 mm/sec
Endorser Head type : Rear Ink-jet printer
Print position : Vertical :41 mm to 66 mm (from the bottom of document)
  Horizontal: 100 mm from right edge of document
Bitmap printing: Prints bitmap images (Logo, Stamp, Signature)
Printing colour: Black
Image Scanner Camera module : CCD Camera with led light source
Capture side: Front and Rear
Capture area : 150 mm in height
Image mode: Colour (24 bit), Gray Scale (8 bit), Bi-tone(B|ack & White)
Resolution : 200, 240, 300 dpi
Interface with PC : eSATA
Image file format: Bitmap, Jpeg, Tiff
Reading Speed
  Max. 270 dpm (US check<152mm> size)
Document Specifications   Height 70-120, Length 127-230, Thickness 0.096-0.155 mm
PC Communication Interface   USB 2.0
System Recommended PC : DELL Precision T3500
Requirements Operating System : Win XP Pro (SP3 or more), Win Vista (SP1 or more), Win 7 Pro <32 bit
CPU : *Intel Xeon 2.4GHz or more (W3500, X5500 Series or more)
  *Intel Core I5 3.33 GHz or more
Memory : 3.0 GB or more, DDR3 1066 MHz (DDR3-1066) or more
  (We recommend to use the DDR3 1333 MHz or more)
Interface : *PCI Express 2.0 x 16 (x 1 Slot) for Graphic Board
  *SATA Board z PCI Express 2.0 (x 2 slot) for eSATA board
  *USB 2.0 (x 1 port) for PC communication
Monitor : 17 inch LCD (1024 x 768 or higher)
Graphic Card
*NV|DIA GeForce GTS250 or more (Memory 512 MB —1.0 GB)
*NVIDIA Quadro FX3800 or more (Memory 512 MB — 1.0 GB)
eSATA Board
PCI Express bus eSATA I/F board (Chip mounting of the Silicon Image SiI3132)
Power requirements   100 — 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.4A
Dimensions and Weight   FZA3165 : 97OW x 470D x 280H mm / 30 Kg
FZA3166 : 970W x 470D x 280H mm / 32 Kg

FZA2070 (MICR Encoder/ Optional module)

MICR Font   E13B
MICR Encoder Ribbon   Cassette one-time ribbon (65,000 characters/cassette)
IJP printer   Rear Ink-jet printer (Fixed position)

FZA3066 (12 Pockets Sorter)

Number of Pockets   12 pockets (max. 3 modules. Total 36 pockets)
Capacity   300 documents per pocket ( 0.116mm doc.)
Dimension and Weight   1080(W) x 520(D) x 170(H) mm /34 kg
Power Supply   100 - 240 V , 50/60Hz, 2.7 VA

* All Specifications are subject to change for improvement purposes without any prior notice


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